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While we experience websites as two-dimensional, the code behind them is made of levels of nested elements. Site Visits (w/t) turns websites into 3D landscapes based on their code structure, and uses these landscapes as the physical foundation upon which to explore the cultural aspects of each site. 

Inspired by Mozilla’s developer tool, Tilt, Site Visits approaches each webpage as a traditional, two-dimensional website, a structural site and a cultural site. With this work, we ask: How can we understand the materiality of our digital world? How can a website serve as the physical backdrop to an exploration of its social and cultural role?

Multiple websites will be explored - this will be a series! The first site we are looking at is the YouTube homepage. Using YouTube's code structure as terrain, we are researching, exploring and visualizing the core functions of YouTube's secret, unknowable algorithm and crafting one possible vision of what is going on in the black box.

Site Visits is an early project proposal with frequent collaborator Boris Kourtoukov.