Spring 2019 1/4
Spring 2019 2/4
Spring 2019 3/4
Spring 2019 4/4

The LCU website is a client project in development - here is an initial demo and a few early sketches.

We take different paths through each others digital portfolios.

With this website concept, you will build your own “pile” or personal archive of the artist's work as you navigate. Every project you view will be added to the layered pile.

By the end of your exploration of the site, you will have your own unique pile mapping your experience of the website, which will be different to anyone else’s.

The layered treatment aims to decrease the space between works of different disciplines. The pile can be used to navigate - by clicking into it, you can revisit projects you’ve already looked at.

The concept derives from how the client’s work moves fluidly between disciplines, and her ongoing interest in the concept and activity of archiving. 

With Boris Kourtoukov