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Winner of 2017 AHO Works Award in Service Design (whole studio)

Nominated for 2017 AHO Works Award in Strategic Approach to Design (whole studio)

In partnership with Jar Idrettslag (Jar IL), a Norwegian sports club based in Bærum, Akersus we developed a concept called Getting Onside: A New Approach to Parent Onboarding. Getting Onside aims to set the parents and new members up for a successful start at Jar Il, to embody and amplify the values of Jar Il, and to be implementable by existing volunteers.

We conducted workshops and interviews with key organizers at Jar Il, reviewed the existing online process, spoke to users and developed storyboards to validate and challenge our understanding of the existing process. We found that the existing onboarding process had many painpoints, and was not an accurate reflection of the spirit of the club.

Getting Onside adds the following touchpoints and offerings to the existing user journey:

  • A Welcome Email and an Equipment Checklist
  • An Automated Email sent via existing systems
  • A Volunteer Buddy Program to assist new members
  • A New Members Event

With Karen Byskov.