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elevator party! was a pandemic reaction. It was a way to direct our confused energy and brains. Our only brief was one that we gave ourselves - to make something cute and digital.

In a time of social distancing, we saw a burst of digital spaces where we could meet, collaborate, do yoga, workout and party. There was a feeling that we could translate our entire lives into the digital realm.

But what about those small, mundane, daily human interactions that happen in the spaces in-between? Will there come a time where we will be so nostalgic for human interaction that we might miss some of the things we hated the most?

elevator party! aims to fill the void and provide the soothing, mind-numbing experience of inane small talk.

Visitors can chat with other visitors and relive the formerly dreaded, now seemingly magical experience of what it is like to be with other people, in a small space, talking awkwardly about nothing in particular.

Canned phrases served the dual purpose of mimicking how played out small talk is in real life, as well as constraining the live chats.

elevator party! received over 300,000 visitors in its first weekend. the project lives here.

With Boris Kourtoukov.

Additional Credits
Wallpaper Illustration: Ed Kwong
Built with the help of these open source projects: Clojure, Luminus, Sente, Re-Frame, Open Peeps