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Nominated for 2019 AHO Works Award in Form & Expression

Project archive and writing here.

datainpublic is a design studio taking a research-driven, discursive and sometimes speculative approach to topics around live data, digital media and public space.

As our first area of focus, we asked:

As digital media continues to encroach on public space, how might we carve out space for public digital media that calls back to the democratic ideal of public space – that is informative, engaging, and contributes to social and civic purposes?

We call this first project Doublespace. Through rapid prototyping and the testing of a series of design probes, we arrived at our proposal, Web-Based Urban Projections. Web-Based Urban Projections use open data to create urban data visualizations which are accessible by URL, and are brought into public space via projection. This method serves as a strategy for lowering the threshold to putting socially engaged material in the public digital.

To support this method, we developed design examples, workshops, and an online repository of urban data visualizations. This design material is being used to generate further discussions around the kind of public digital futures we desire.

Work produced around this theme continues to exhibit at Oslo's Kulturhuset, has been featured in Aftenposten online and has been used as a campaign tool by Natur og Ungdom to promote Norway's youth climate rally. We also ran a series of workshops around this work at NYU's ITP 2019 summer program, where other designers, artists and technologists produced their own urban data visualizations and Web-Based Urban Projections.

An archive of/dumping ground for our work, findings, and materials is here.

With Boris Kourtoukov.