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Presented at Change by Design 2018

Catching Feelings: A Collective Action Map was the result of a six-week exploration on how civilians self-organize and respond after a natural disaster, using the largescale civilian response to the Sept 19, 2017 Mexico City earthquake as a case study.

Based on interviews and field research conducted in Mexico City, and insight mapping and ideation workshops conducted in Oslo, the project draws on a few central key findings.

I was intrigued by how the legacy of disasters could potentially shape social structures, culture and how we relate to one another in the long term. I became interested in how to make feelings of trust and community endure, how to materialize the volunteers' impact, and how to contextualize their individual stories  within the larger, macro story of a city-wide movement.

Catching Feelings: A Collective Action Map is a crowdsourced, interactive map that encourages users to share stories of contributions they saw their fellow civilians make. It is a proposed contribution to an exhibition at Mexico City’s Museum of Memory and Tolerance commemorating the impact of the earthquake.

The interactive map would be open for contribution during the exhibition, and would live on online and as a part of a memorial site.

Read more about the project and my process here. This project was the result of generous support and funding from Blank.